Fides quaerens intellectum

I wrote a short essay entitled "Bootstrapping God" which I published on my then nascent web site in 1999.  Influenced by several books I was digesting at the time, including The Physics of Immortality by Frank Tipler, After the Clockwork Universe by Sally J. Goerner and Pierre Tielhard de Chardin's The Phenomenon of Man, the thought awakened in me during the spring of that year that perhaps God was indeed a future event.  It occured to me that given our limited scope, it may be that, as Chardin speculated, the increase in complexity and intelligence that seems to be the teleology of Life will ultimately give rise to an Omega Point of effectively infinite intelligence in what is for us the future.  And it is that future event that is reaching back and forming the past, as it were, to pull the past forward to Him. 

I have since come to believe that the miracle of Creation will never actually lend itself to a human level of understanding, beyond the very Word of God, which is availble from a single source:  the Bible.  Big bang theories, eleven dimensional multiverses, steady-state versus open versus closed universes ... these are all concepts that merely scratch the surface of what is actual and beg the question as to what is real in any event.  I do not believe that we, as a species, in this modality of existence, will ever know the truth of our origin or true purpose outside of a Biblical context, and certainly not with the limited tools available through science ... not until God intervenes more directly in human affairs. 

I have come to believe that Faith is the reason were are here; to learn and grow in our reservoir of Faith.  To that end, the intellectual essence of this universe will always remain elusive, I think.  Emergence masks mysteries which I believe we will never fully understand ... at least not without a modicum of faith.  In any event, the original short essay, "Bootstrapping God," is short, quaint, has at least one dead link, and represents a time in my life of spiritual growth ... the layout is clunky and very early web.  Enjoy.

Max K. Goff
Nov. 2005